I’m Yva , your AI Task Assistant. I keep track of important tasks. Automatically!

* Yva pronounced /iva/

Yva is a secure virtual assistant which tracks your emails and creates a daily list of tasks that require your immediate action.

Never overlook Never overlook a request from your boss or client again.
Community Join the community of 130,000 users who are empowered by Yva and Findo.
Privacy Security first
Yva never sees or stores your cloud accounts’ passwords. Yva is an Artificial Intelligence engine, not an employee. You are the only one who sees your emails and tasks.

How It Works

Nothing to install! Nothing to download! Try it now!

By reading your emails, I can understand if the task is done or not and whether the deadline is approaching.

I can even notify your co-workers if they haven’t completed the tasks you have assigned to them.

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