Happy people. Stellar profits

Retain top talent and align teams with real‑time people AI analytics.
Sell more. Achieve more. Build an engaged and self-motivated team. Automatically.
National HR
TerraLink Technologies
Foxit Software
Don Caruso
Don Caruso
VP, Global Sales Operations at ABBYY
I would like to know why my sales rep Michael is so successful. I would like others to employ Michael’s best practices. Yva allows me to sell more, understand the best performers and the best business practices.
Mel Willis
Mel Willis
National HR
We are a PEO company that committed to helping our clients become more effective at doing their business. That’s why we decided to offer Yva system to our clients. It is an incredible tool that automatically analyzes millions of corporate emails and provides intelligent insights. It ties text analytics with intelligent 360° employee feedback. This gives our clients’ team an all-encompassing, multidimensional actionable tool with intelligent insights.
Ron Lewin
Ron Lewin
Founder & Managing Director at TerraLink Technologies
Businesses are moving very fast today. Managers have very limited time with their remote employees. Yva allows us to identify problems before they surface.
Walt Thinfen
Walt Thinfen
President & CEO at Visioneer
I am a manager. Did I make the right decision or not? Yva gives me constant feedback from my team and from the AI engine which is analyzing corporate communication.
George Gao
George Gao
CEO at Foxit Software
We have so many remote employees and sales managers in multiple geographies. Managers have limited time to talk to their employees. Yva allows us to maintain managerial control in this agile and changing world.
Wasim Khan
Wasim Khan
Head of Digital Solutions at Xerox and General Manager of Xerox DocuShare
Things in the business world change in a matter of seconds today, and in times like this, it is especially important for managers and leaders to be able to understand their employees on a deeper level, and this is where modern employee engagement software comes in.

How it works

Simple like 1-2-3:
Emails and surveys
Corporate emails and Slack messages
chat email
Employee 360° feedback and pulse surveys
Yva “AI Brain”
Yva artificial intelligence engine
Individualized feedback
Individualized feedback and analytics for managers and employees

Real-time employee analytics. Data-driven insights. Using hard and soft data

Yva allows companies to sell and achieve more. It helps employees grow and develop with the help of an AI tool that tracks and understands employee behavior based on their emails and other electronic communication data.
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Maximize sales
What differentiates the sales superstars?
• Yva’s neural network discovers the differences analyzing the best performers’ patterns
• Measures more than 35 individual and group indicators
• Sends recommendations and alerts to each employee about how to improve his or her performance
Want all your employees to be as successful as Michael? They should act like Michael! Yva’s AI neural network automatically analyzes employees’ emails and measures more than 10 very specific indicators such as response time, sentiments, task completion speed and others. Yva compares those indicators with those of the best performers on your team to make them the best.
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Know the skills of each of your employee
Who is the best professional?
• Who is the strongest leader?
• Yva collects 2-minute weekly 360° surveys automatically
• Creates a skill chart for each employee
A balanced and efficient team needs people with diverse skills and personal qualities. 360° degree surveys help identify the unique qualities of each team member.
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Retain the best talent
How not to lose a key team member at the most critical moment?
• Yva’s neural network creates a resignation probability chart
• Yva alerts the manager if an urgent 1-on-1 meeting must take place
Thanks to the Deep Learning “brains” of Yva, you will know your star performer Michael might resign soon. We trained Yva’s neural network on communication patterns of those employees who have resigned. 1-3 months before the actual resignation, Yva detects changes in the employees’ communication patterns and alerts managers through the Employee Resignation Probability Chart.
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Predict conflicts between employees
How not to lose a client because of the conflict you don’t know about?
• Yva detects interpersonal conflicts in emails with clients
• Alerts managers if the conflict is not resolved.
Maria has been having a conflict with a partner or a client for a week, but her manager knows nothing about this. Sound familiar? Yva will detect these types of interpersonal conflicts at an early stage and will suggest Maria to resolve the problem. The manager will be notified if the conflict is not resolved.
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Tap into millions of data points
you already have.
Yva analyzes emails and gathers employees’ feedback to collect information about employees’ thoughts, performance and behavior. Let artificial intelligence generate actionable insights to help you understand your employees better, making them happier, more engaged and more productive.
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Become a better manager
Am I doing everything right?
• Weekly feedback with each employee
• Timeline of attitudes of employees towards the decisions made
Discover the whole range of the consequences of your management decisions. Yva automatically gathers 360-degree employee feedback combined with sentiment analysis of emails to rate your managerial actions. Now you can enhance your leadership every day.
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Privacy, transparency and trust
There is nothing more valuable than trust between employees and management in a company.
Yva is designed to keep feedback and privacy of communication anonymous. Yva is not a human; it’s artificial intelligence. The employees are guaranteed to have access to Yva’s analysis. It will help them learn about their co-workers’ opinions of their work, their strengths and weaknesses, and areas of improvement.
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