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What Yva is is your coach. is an objective ethical unbiased real-time behavioral analytics platform that has analyzed hundreds of millions of data points of strong performers vs weak performers to provide you with the alerts and recommendations on improving skills. combines Predictive Analytics with smart 60-second micro-surveys to support AI insights with human evaluations.
To build your comprehensive profile and prepare the right development plan for you, Yva analyzes patterns and content of your communication in corporate channels. For privacy reasons, Yva does not save the content of the messages, neither gives access to your reports to others without your explicit approval. Only you decide which outcomes and to what extent are to be shared with your colleagues.
What Yva can analyze
You can ask Yva to analyze your communications in Microsoft Office 365, G-Suite, GitHub, Jira, Slack

Yva combines surveys and objective data:
Yva shows managers and employees real time dashboards, predictions and recommendations
How it works
Analytics results and actionable recommendations are collected in the dashboards
Yva is secure and ethical

  • Yva is secure, ethical and 100% GDPR compliant.
  • Default deployment* anonymizes all employees activities and employee feedback by aggregating data for groups of a minimum of 10 employees at a time.
  • By default,* neither stores nor analyzes the content of messages. Yva utilizes metadata only thereby protecting individual privacy. The system never gives access to the content of emails and messages to anyone.
  • Yva never analyzes personal data sources like personal email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
  • With self-hosted cloud or on-premise installation all data resides within the client's network perimeter.

    * note: default deployment limits some functionality
Read more about security, privacy and data protection:
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