Save annually 2 million dollars for a 1,000 people team by retaining key employees
What Yva is
Yva is a unique platform that combines real-time AI analysis of corporate data sources (Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Slack, Salesforce, GitHub and more)
with personalized employee surveys giving the managers and executives daily recommendations, predictions and dashboards which helps managers making fast and evidence-based decisions
Core functions
Resignation Predictor
Retain your key people by understanding the problems before employees have decided to resign
Organizational Network Analytics (ONA) will help you to understand your real Decision Makers, Opinion Leaders, Toxic groups. Design success profiles based on objective data.
Continuous Engagement and Performance
Get dynamic scans of your organization, understand the roots of issues and measure the progress
Yva combines surveys and objective data:
Yva shows your managers and employees: real time dashboards, predictions and recommendations
How it works
How to use
Analytics results and recommendations for the manager are collected in the dashboards
Our experience comes from leading AI and HR firms
Yva is secure and ethical

  • Yva is secure, ethical and 100% GDPR compliant.
  • Default deployment* anonymizes all employees activities and employee feedback by aggregating data for groups of a minimum of 10 employees at a time.
  • By default,* neither stores nor analyzes the content of messages. Yva utilizes metadata only thereby protecting individual privacy. The system never gives access to the content of emails and messages to anyone.
  • Yva never analyzes personal data sources like personal email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
  • With self-hosted cloud or on-premise installation all data resides within the client's network perimeter.

    * note: default deployment limits some functionality
Read more about security, privacy and data protection:
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