Yva 360 Peer Review
Provide continuous feedback to create a happy, transparent working environment
and boost your employees' engagement
A recent SHRM/Globoforce Survey finds that continuous and clear feedback is key to employee engagement and retention. People want to be reminded that their input is valuable and contributes to the overall company's success.
Yva 360 Peer Review
Yva determines the "weight" of each employee, helps encourage and nurture talents within the organization
Propel constant growth and improvement
Employees receive consistent, anonymous feedback from their managers, peers, and up-to-date reports on their recent activities. Continuous 360-degree peer reviews provide employees with a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, possible areas for growth and improvement, and drive a stronger professional culture of trust and transparency.
Recognize your gurus and go-to people
Calibrated with the observed "hard data", continuous 360-degree surveys identify gurus, influencers, and go-to persons in different areas - the backbone of your organization. Yva selects the reports and delivers feedback to keep your natural leaders' motivation high, recognizing their status of the gatekeepers of your corporate culture energy and efficiency.
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