Yva Continuous Peer Review
Discover which of your skills and qualities your colleagues value the most
and act to develop the missing competences
With organisations playing less visible role in the employees' career development, it is up to you how to manage your career path. To get ahead in your career you need to know where you currently are, what are your strengths and what competencies or skills you need to improve.
Yva 360 Peer Review
Discover your hidden talents and unleash your full potential
Learn what are you good at from your colleagues
Receive consistent, anonymous feedback from your managers and peers to better understand your strengths and weaknesses, and possible areas for growth and improvement.
Find your superpower
Learn what qualities and skills make you stand out and in which job you can reach your full potential. Make an actionable strategy for your horizontal growth
Nail your next performance review
Get anonymous 360-degree feedback from your co-workers before the actual performance review. Avoid surprises and act on the evaluation to arrive to the official performance review fully prepared
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