Predicting the resignations of key employees
Predicting the resignations of key employees
86% Accuracy. Tested.
Save annually 2 million dollars for a 1,000 people team by retaining key employees
What Yva is
Yva is a unique platform that combines real-time AI analysis of corporate data sources (Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Slack, Salesforce, GitHub and more)
with personalized employee surveys giving the managers and executives daily recommendations, predictions and dashboards which helps managers making fast and evidence-based decisions
Resignation Predictor
Who is thinking about resigning in the next 3-6-12 months and why? How critical are those employees for your company? What can be done to retain those employees?

Yva Resignation Predictor can save up to 2 million dollars annually for a 1,000 person team helping to retain key employees.
Organizational Network Analytics (ONA)
Who are the opinion leaders within your organization? Do you have any toxic managers? Who are the critical employees across the organization? Who should be promoted as soon as possible? Are the critical employees aligned with the company strategy?

Yva generates actionable insights on how to align OrgNet vs OrgChart. It saves companies millions of dollars enabling leaders to make timely and accurate, evidence-based decisions during mergers, acquisitions, organizational changes and daily operations.
Continuous Engagement and Performance
What parts and groups within your organization are truly engaged? What parts and groups are declining in their engagement? What is triggering these changes? (Lack of professional growth opportunities? Relationship with the boss? Boring and unchallenging work? Recognition of their job? Relationships with coworkers? Compensation?) In contrast to most of other engagement solutions, Yva's patented, secure and ethical analytics platform is based on actual objective activities of the team but not subjective survey data.

Yva provides multidimensional, scientifically proven engagement analytics in 3 forms: real-time (current activities), past (past activities) and future (predictive analytics). This allows organizations to make evidence-based decisions, improve culture and drive business performance.
Remote Employees Analytics
Are remote employees really engaged? What is their actual work visibility during weekdays? Is it growing or declining? Is it higher than average or lower? Are the managers of remote employees demonstrating strong managerial capabilities?

Yva provides practical recommendations on how to enable, empower and energize remote teams which provide scalability to remote employee collaboration, drive agility and produce cost efficiencies.
360 Peer Review
Employees receive consistent, anonymous feedback from their managers, peers, and direct reports selected by Yva associated to their actual activities. Continuous 360 peer review provides employees with a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and drives a stronger professional culture.
Success Predictor (SP)
How likely the new hire will be successful? Timely and precise recommendations to your new hires on how they compare to your top performers. This shortens the path to productivity while helping to improve the on-boarding process and future hiring decisions.
Customer Experience Analytics (CXA)
Is the communication between customers and your organization healthy? Do you have any growing conflicts and clients at risk? How quickly are account executives and support personnel answering the requests from customers? Yva alerts management in case of irregularities or SLA breaches while providing recommendations to employees to maximize Customer Retention, improve Customer Experience and promote Customer Success.
Leadership Analytics (LA)
Do employees like and respect their managers? Are managers showing strong leadership capabilities and effectively communicating the goals of the organization to their team? What are the strengths of your management team and what do they need to improve? Yva's patented secure and ethical analytics is based on actual objective activities of the team. Yva advises managers on how to further enhance managerial capabilities and further drive corporate efficiency.
Workplace Conflict Analytics (WCA)
Yva automatically generates multidimensional dynamic conflict matrices that help to reveal, predict and resolve workplace conflicts. The reasons why conflict arises include:

  • Lack of leadership
  • Ineffective communication or poor listening skills
  • Unfulfilled needs: employees don't feel empowered, recognized or respected
  • Workload and stress that affect moods and influence how people interact with each other
  • Lack of responsibility and professional skills.
It is important for managers and employees to be aware of growing tense situations at work and get practical recommendations on how to resolve them to maintain best culture and business efficiency.

Yva combines surveys and objective data:
Yva shows your managers and employees: real time dashboards, predictions and recommendations
How it works
How to use
Analytics results and recommendations for the manager are collected in the dashboards
Our experience comes from leading AI and HR firms
Yva is secure and ethical

  • Yva is secure, ethical and 100% GDPR compliant.
  • Default deployment* anonymizes all employees activities and employee feedback by aggregating data for groups of a minimum of 10 employees at a time.
  • By default,* neither stores nor analyzes the content of messages. Yva utilizes metadata only thereby protecting individual privacy. The system never gives access to the content of emails and messages to anyone.
  • Yva never analyzes personal data sources like personal email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
  • With self-hosted cloud or on-premise installation all data resides within the client's network perimeter.

    * note: default deployment limits some functionality
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