Construction Firm
Real-time HR Analytics
Key facts
Total number of employees: 260,000
Employees analyzed by Yva: 25,000
Period of analysis: February - June 2018
Number of emails: 125,000,000
Data lake size: 1.5 Terabytes
Server number of stations/processor cores: 6 stations/4 cores each
Time spent to process the data: 31 days
The challenge
The past three years witnessed the rapid growth of the company in construction and real estate business. The size of the organization was doubled and is expect to increase by 30% in 2019. The company was not satisfied with current HR tools in place. The gaming of 360 survey and the heavy load of reporting are seen as main blockers of a lean and effective HR management system. The CHRO was seeking a compact technical solution that could real-time reporting of employee engagement level, indicate professional development opportunity and predict attrition.
The solution
In this context, helps the bank in:

  • Launch of real-time 360-degree surveys which allows HRs and employees to review respective dashboards with strengths and areas of potential improvement
  • Resignation prediction of key employees
  • Analysis of engagement and employee performance that could serve as inputs for workforce planning and resource allocation
  • Detection of conflicts with both internal and external stakeholders