High-Tech Company
Comprehensive Engagement Assessment
Key facts
Total number of employees: 800
Employees analyzed by Yva: 800
Period of analysis: December 2018 - March 2019
Number of emails: 8,000,000 - 10,000,000
Data lake size: 500 GB
Server number of stations/processor cores: 3 stations/2 cores each
Time spent to process the data: 30 days
The challenge
The company provides a cutting-edge technology that drives rapid sales growth. As a new player in the market, it is on the way of forming unique corporate identity. In order to manage culture development that resonates with its long term vision, the company wishes to apply People Analytics System that could deeply analyze various factors reflecting the level of employee engagement and enablement in real time. The company expects to gain timely insights on a daily basis that helps identify areas of improvement. Besides, the company faces challenges in retaining key employees and improving overall employee performance
The solution
In this context, helps the bank in:

  • Measurement of company effectiveness factors through employee engagement
  • Insights on effectiveness blockers linking to mediocre performance
  • Real-time monitoring of employee engagement level and recommendation on improvement plan
  • Resignation prediction of key employees based on digital footprint data analysis
  • 360 degree employee assessment and skill mapping