Retail Bank
Leadership Competencies Assessment
Key facts
Total number of employees: 260,000
Employees analyzed by Yva: 25,000
Period of analysis: February - June 2018
Number of emails: 125,000,000
Data lake size: 1.5 Terabytes
Server number of stations/processor cores: 6 stations/4 cores each
Time spent to process the data: 31 days
The challenge
In response to its strategic priorities, the bank developed a set of leadership competencies and characteristics to indicate important behaviors that drive business success. On a regular basis, the company runs 360° assessments to define development needs for leaders across the whole organization. The past experience reveals that this process was time- and resource-consuming. Meanwhile, the results could be deceiving and not representative of the overall picture.
The solution
In this context, helps the bank in:

  • Automated mapping of key leadership competencies and skills through corporate communication pattern learning
  • Identification of key competences and skills for the critical leaders and managers
  • Detection of groups which have been gaming with the performance review process and distorting surveys results
  • Identification of hidden opinion leaders across the organization
  • Qualitative analysis of the communication pattern in potential agile teams to establish the base of organization restructure
  • Real-time identification of functional silos bringing input to organizational improvement plan