Yva Continuous Engagement Analytics
Get dynamic scans of your organization, understand the roots of issues
and act to re-engage your personnel
Understanding employee engagement is probably the most powerful tool of people analytics. According to Gallup's report, engaged teams do more job, are more productive and 21% more profitable; plus, they tend to stay longer with a company, achieving 24% less turnover. Teams that rank in the top 20% in engagement show a 41% reduction in absenteeism, and 59% less turnover.
Engaged teams do more job, and are 21% more profitable
Yva Continuous Engagement Analytics
provides multidimensional, scientifically proven engagement analytics in 3 forms: a real-time overview of current activities, historical overview of the past activities, and predictive analytics for future activities
See engagement level across company
Armed with the data, organizations can see what parts and groups across the company are truly engaged and what parts and groups are declining in their engagement and identify the triggers of the negative changes
Act to improve culture and drive performance
Yva allows managers to analyze the causes of success and replicate them, nip causes of disengagement in a bud, make evidence-based decisions, improve culture, and drive business performance
Remain objective. Always
In contrast to the majority of similar engagement solutions, Yva's patented, secure and ethical analytics platform is based on the objective analysis of a team's activities rather than on subjective survey data
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