Predictive People Analytics
Reduce turnover. Engage your teams.

  • Retain your best employees
  • Monitor corporate health
  • Cease conflicts and identify toxic managers
  • Identify your High Potential

Yva can predict resignations with 86% accuracy* and identify exact reason of frustration

*pre-trained Yva.ai neural network predicts resignations with F1-score between 0.53 and 0.7. After retraining on corporate historical data, F1-score may increase to 0.7-0.86
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Yva is an AI-driven people analytics and performance management system that provides you with real-time insights into "corporate health". Daily reports and predictions allow you to make faster and smarter decisions, notice and resolve employee problems before they develop.
Yva for executives
Retain your best employees
Save 2 million dollars per year* by retaining your best employees. Use AI behavioural analytics to monitor your team happiness, attrition risk, and reasons of frustration
*for a 1,000-person company
Monitor health and cease conflicts
Use AI behavioural analytics to quantify organizational design, monitor engagement, health of your organization, reveal and cease the interpersonal conflicts
Grow your business with evidence-based decisions
With objective unbiased AI behavioural analytics identify your company's decision-makers, opinion leaders, toxic groups, and use this data to propel changes, growth and M&A's
Identify your High Potentials and enable their growth
Enable your employees and managers with the objective unbiased real time map for internal mobility and growth potential
Coach your Leaders
Empower your managers to drive the corporate efficiency, and motivate teams to reach full potential
Retain your customers
and exceed their expectations by constantly monitoring and improving your communications with AI behavioral analytics
Listen in real time and improve timely
Combine AI behavioral analytics and 60-second micro-surveys to get real time actionable insights from your employees on how to get the company a better place to work
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