Yva Leadership Analytics
Enhance your leadership skills and motivate your team
to reach their full potential
The right leader can create an inspiring environment for their team to perform at their full potential, contributing to the company's overall prosperity and competitiveness. In contrast, a toxic or weak leader demotivates, disengages employees around them, leads to impaired performance and higher levels of unwanted attrition. It is the quality of leadership that separates a good company from a great one.
Yva Leadership Analytics
allows managers to learn from AI and co-workers to become better leaders
Become a better leader
Yva's patented secure and ethical analytics is based on the objective evaluation of a team's activities. It identifies a lack of leadership, and advises managers on how to further enhance their managerial capabilities, find the right balance between freedom and clear directions, and drive corporate efficiency.
Benchmark yourself against the best leaders
Yva.ai Leadership Intelligence engine has analyzed hundreds of millions of data points of strong leaders vs weak leaders and will provide a manager with the detailed overview of missing and existing leadership skills
Find the right approach to your team
Yva coach advises managers how to recognize the natural abilities and preferences of the subordinates and assign them with an appropriate job, effectively communicate the goals of the organization, manage conflicts and expectations, show strong leadership capabilities, and set directions
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