Yva Resignation Predictor
Retain key personnel by understanding the problems before your employees have decided to resign
Unwanted attrition comes at a price: a 1,000-person company may lose up to 10 million dollars per year due to the resignations. The departure of a skilled employee may jeopardize the company's operations for months and the corresponding costs add up to a two-year salary in hiring, training, and getting a replacement up to the speed.
Save annually 2 million dollars for a 1,000 people team by retaining key employees
Yva Resignation Predictor
can save up to 2 million dollars annually for a 1,000-person team helping retain key employees. Yva's AI-driven analytics system predicts resignations with 86% accuracy using historical resignation data.
Real time employee engagement alerts
A manager usually learns about the resignation when an employee hands in a notice - the moment when it is too late to prevent the departure. Yva's AI engine analyzes day-to-day communication and detects subtle changes in its patterns that may indicate employees are beginning to feel burned out or engage less in their job.
Resignation risk and reasons for it
In most cases, Yva raises the alarm 6 to 12 months before resignation actually occurs, giving managers ample time to act. Analyzing the "digital footprint", communication metadata, sentiments along with the employees' feedback, Yva detects the actual reasons for burnout and the cause of the disengagement.
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