Yva Workplace Conflict Analytics
Nip conflicts in the bud and avoid the undesired
consequences of raised tension level
A simmering conflict may equally exhaust employees and managers, lower morale and business efficiency, and cause companies a hefty sum of money. Among the most typical reasons for conflict at a working place are lack of leadership, ineffective communication or poor listening skills, employees' grudge at a manager as they don't feel empowered, recognized or respected; workload, stress, and burning deadlines that affect mood and influence how people interact with each other; lack of responsibility and professional skills to handle a situation without getting emotionally involved.
Yva Workplace Conflict Analytics
automatically generates multidimensional dynamic conflict matrices that help reveal, predict and resolve workplace conflicts
Identify and resolve conflicts
Yva notifies managers and employees about growing tense situations at work and provides practical recommendations on how to resolve them in the best interest of all involved parties before the tension will lead to impulsive decisions and conflict escalation
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