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Smart Productivity Assistants Fight Off The Infobesity Of Unstructured Data
All email accounts that need task lists can be added to the Yva platform. It's available as a web and mobile app. It gathers the data from all unstructured sources and turns them into structured information and actionable knowledge. With no need to feed the platform data, the benefits are immediate
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence 101 For Executives
The AI company also offers other tools, such as the Yva Task Assistant. This AI-driven "invisible" task assistant identifies the who, what, when, and status for tasks in emails and messages. From there, it generates task lists and reports, transforming unstructured data into useful information. This task assistant is also available as an app, giving a workforce flexibility to use it from anywhere.
The Race for AI Company Acquisitions: Why It's Happening, and Its Lessons for You
Yva Task Assistant is an AI-driven “invisible” task assistant that identifies the who, what, when and status for tasks found within emails and message. Once it locates those, it then generates task lists and reports. The AI tool also sends reminders about important tasks as a web app and a mobile app.
Smart Productivity Assistants Fight Off The Infobesity Of Unstructured Data
Then, there is Yva, an AI-driven task assistant. This tool identifies the who, what, when, and status for various tasks that are listed in your marketing team member’s emails and messages.
Findo automatically schedules tasks based on the content of your emails
Similar to Findo's other AI-infused productivity tools, uses natural language processing (NLP) to dissect and understand the content of your emails, while leaning on machine learning to identify tasks issued to you within any of your emails.
PRNEWSWIRE.COM, a new AI personal assistant, automatically keeps track of your important tasks (pronounced /iva/), an AI-driven Task Assistant, at MobileBeat 2017. This new AI assistant prevents knowledge workers from forgetting about important requests through email. processes the user's emails using Natural Language Processing and unsupervised Machine Learning to automatically extract tasks and assignments.
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人工智能(AI)生产力应用公司Findo Inc.在2017年Mobile Beat大会上宣布推出由人工智能驱动的任务助理(Task Assistant)。这种新的人工智能助理能够借助电子邮件,帮助防止知识工作者遗忘重要请求。Yva.ai利用自然语言处理(Natural Language Processing)和无监督机器学习(Machine Learning)来处理用户的电子邮件,自动提取任务和所分配的工作。它能够"明白"重要请求是否被忽略,并能提醒用户予以跟进。
美國加州門洛帕克2017年7月13日電 /美通社/ -- 人工智慧 (AI) 生產力應用公司 Findo Inc.在2017年 MobileBeat 大會上宣布推出由人工智慧驅動的任務助理 (Task Assistant) /iva/)。這種新的人工智慧助理能夠藉助電子郵件,幫助防止知識工作者遺忘重要請求。Yva.ai利用自然語言處理 (Natural Language Processing)和無監督機器學習 (Machine Learning) 來處理用戶的電子郵件,自動提取任務和所分配的工作。它能夠「明白」重要請求是否被忽略,並能提醒用戶予以跟進。
Основатель ABBYY Давид Ян разработал планировщик задач на основе электронных писем Yva
Компания Findo основателя ABBYY Давида Яна представила сервис для планирования задач на основе содержания электронных писем пользователя Yva. Об этом пишет VentureBeat.
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